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  • Up and Away on My First Flight” immediately became an all time favorite with my daughter. She now talks about being able to fly one day soon and not being afraid. Because she is 5 yrs old and learning how to read this book has become her teacher. And it is beautifully illustrated as well. April Ready did a wonderful job and my daughter can hardly wait for the next book.

    - Michael Jones, Entreprenuer and Proud Father
  • What a great way to introduce baby’s first plane ride before it actually happens! My 16 month old is like a little sponge and this was the perfect bedtime story for him before we took our extremely long trip to Hawaii. He couldn’t stop shouting “plane, plane!” When we finally got to the airport, instead of being nervous about getting on a plane, he was excited and pointing at everything. Highly recommended for your little ones.


    - Amanda Stein, Sales rep and 1st time mom.
  • I love this book. Very interactive, bright and clever read; full of rhyming, pictures and cool characters. I can already see the torn pages that will appear after a week. My 2 year old Zoe eagerness to turn the pages. Those are happy rips, rips that come from the love of the book.


    - Consuello Hodges, Youth Pastor, Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church
  • My wife and I look forward to years and years of reading April Ready’s book, Up and away, On my first flight, with our son Triten Garrett. It will always remind us of our first flight together, God Bless and Semper Fi.


    - Jeremy Staat, The Jeremy Staat Foundation

Sufficient Grace

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